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Rogue Starter
Revision as of 14:48, 2 September 2008 by Sbluen (Talk | contribs)
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[edit] Walkthrough:

You'll start in a room full of sleeping prisoners, Leave the room and fight the two cobols patrolling about. Grab a cinquedea and take the left path when you get to the fork. Take the left path again and enter the room. Now sneak up on the first cobol and kill it with you cinquedea. Now sneak up on and kill the one with the green shield and take his whip. You can now finish the others off easily because the whip has good range and it's perfect for murdering sleeping enemies.

Unless you died at some point, you should have gained a level now. Take a shield with you (You'll need one later) and open the chest. Take the map and go back to the entrance of this room. Go to the room directly in front of the one you just visited. You'll see a cobol and behind him, more cobols. The ones in the back have bows, use a shield to block their arrows until they run out and draw their cinquedeas, and kill them.

Go the the room to the east, and you'll find more sleeping cobols. Kill them. The closest one to you has a 7-round crossbow, make sure to get it. Now take the path to the right and kill the sleeping cobol in the hallway. You'll see a cobol captain and two of his lackeys, at this point you should have a whip and crossbow with at least four rounds. Try to back-stab the captain, and make short work of the other two with the whip. Grab the captain's hatchet, if you like, it cuts through shields, but it's slow. Open the chest and grab the crossbow, it has 50 rounds! Go back to the room where you got the seven round crossbow and take the north path.

In this hallway, you'll see 5 bear traps and some dirt on the ground. Disarm the bear traps by picking them up and avoid the rockfall when you get to the dirt. You should have 5 bear traps and your whip. Enter the room and place the bear traps, now lead the cobols and try to get them caught in the traps. Once they are caught, whip them from a safe distance. When you've defeated them, go to the door to your right, drop down your ball and go through with the ball ON THE GROUND. The ball will be crushed and you will be free!** You can now use the rogue's speed and acrobatic skill, which should make the rest of this level much easier.

Go south and onto the next room. kill the cobols quickly and talk to K'nife, If he's still alive.*** Keep going south and enter the room with the tranches, kill them and open the chest. Take the key and go back to the room where you first found the bear traps. You can now open the door to the left (the one with the keyhole). Do so and enter the hallway. You can open the chest to get some basic weapons if you need them, but the chest is trapped and I don't recommend opening it unless you have at least three levels of experience.

Go left and you'll see two cobols riding bull-wolves. Kill them. You'll see another locked door now, If you have K'nife's key you can open it and enjoy the goodies inside the chests. Go back to the trapped chest and head north.

You'll see a metal gate and a crossbow wielding cobol. Back-stab him if you can, otherwise, shoot him with your crossbow and defend with a shield. If you ran out of rounds, just block until he does too. When he's dead, jump on the button to open the gate (Take any loaded crossbows you can get), repeat several times until you get to the last gate, now run north and you're free! (If K'nife is still with you, make sure he follows you to the exit.)

* You can alternatively go the the room directly in front of you if you want a higher chance of K'nife** being alive when you get to him. Make sure you get back and follow the rest if you want to make the most out of this module.
* * You can apparently smash the ball on the first door as well.
* * * K'nife is the G'nomish prisoner that joins you when you meet him. He will also give you a key and winning the module with him still alive unlocks a secret!

[edit] Tips:

1. Your Iron ball is a pretty good weapon, It's strong, and it can pierce through shields. But it's very slow.

2. When you're trying to sneak, make sure you hold your Iron ball, so you don't make noise when you drag it.

3. When fighting, drop you Iron ball on the ground. You may not be able to escape from you enemies, but you'll have both hands free and you can dodge more easilly.

4. Always try to conserve ranged ammo, use it only if you're running low on Hp, or you have a good chance to back-stab.

5. Use bear traps to lock your enemy into place, they're mighty useful when you're greatly outnumbered.

6. Best way to kill a tranch In melee: Block, and attack three times. Then repeat if necessary. They take time from one jump to another, so you're safe for a second or two between every jump.

7. Avoid having K'nife fight, you can't heal him.

8. Get K'nife's Iron ball smashed as well.

9. When walking toward a deadfall (Falling rocks) walk slowly, don't worry if it's tripped, if you walk slowly enough, the rocks will hit the ground before you get to them.

10. Avoid picking up Cinquedeas if you can, there's a chance that they're Kursed.

11. Jumping will increase your shooting range. It's slightly harder to aim that way though.

[edit] Map:


--Chainsaw 11:07, 11 June 2008 (MDT)

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