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Healer Starter


[edit] Walkthrough

Part 1

Go to the room full of idols and smash them. One of them is empty, one contains a Tranch, one contains money, and last one contains life potion. Keep going and you'll find a room filled with two idols. One contains another Tranch. Continue on to the next room, where smashing an idol will unlock a passage.

Part 2

To unlock the two remaining passages, you will need to light the braziers in the second room with a torch. One of the passages contains a spiked mace and the other has a chest with Scroll of Rebirth and a Kursed Cinqueneda. Afterwards, you should've unlocked the passage to the necromancer by now.

The Necromancer

Equip the spiked mace and lit torch. Smash the idols, then kill the Ulnas. Bash the necromancer to death last. To really make the defeat perfect, burn the necromancer's spellbook.

HINT: The healer must be unarmed to use her holy touch ability. This is the only thing that will permanently defeat undead monsters. If she runs out of MP, wait for it to be restored.

HINT: If you're fighting Tranches, block with your shield so that they don't poison you.

HINT: If you kill the Necromancer first, the Ulnas will die as well. Don't do this if you want to rack up Exp.

HINT: Burning books and smashing idols grants you Exp points.

Walktrough written by: DBAce9Aura

--Chainsaw 10:03, 12 June 2008 (MDT)

NOTE: The Cinquedea you will eventually find is KURSED-it will flash black. On top of that, you cannot use it, as it is against the Healer's religion to use edged weapons (that's why she uses maces). -Maxaxle

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