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Adventurer Starter
Revision as of 10:41, 20 September 2008 by Bwerf (Talk | contribs)
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The Adventurer Starter is basically the first module novices should play to get used to Egoboo, and is probably also the easiest. The enemies are rather weak, and you are guarded by two ai-controlled partners, one of them being a healer, so as long as that healer is alive you pretty much can't die.

You start in a small chamber with a light shining into it. Right after the start you see a gigantic grub bug, the grub mum, falling right from the sky - eh, from the ceiling - and trying to escape. Since it is your goal to defeat that bug, chase her! If you're really fast you might be able to get two or three stabs on her eye, but don't worry if you can't catch her. You are meant to be forced to complete this little dungeon first before really fighting her.

Anyway, when the grub mum goes down the drain, the map will appear. Do not try to enter or cross the little water pool, but instead turn left and enter a little sub-room. There's a chest waiting there. However, do not try to open it! As soon as Brom, the knight, sees it, he will reveal the truth. It's a mimic! You can either let Brom kill the mimic and not gather very much of it's content, or try to kill it yourself - don't worry, the mimic is not very strong - and gather up to $24.

After having looted the chest, go back to where you came from, and pass the starting room. Turn right. This part is a little dangerous, so be careful. Run forward to get the trogs' attention, and then run away! Let Brom and Mim handle them. You may try to get a few stabs on them too, but they are likely to hit you then, and you won't survive more than 3 or 4 hits of them. However, make sure Mim is not killed! When all trogs are dead, get their spears. Spears are excellent weapons, and because of their great range you are likely to kill the enemy with those before he can land any hit on you!

Examine the room with the trogs, then leave it to the right. Ignore the little button with the key lock on it, and jump on the green one. Take the right route until you notice a gate with a little button in front of it. Jump on that button, attack the gelfeet, get its key and run away! Make sure Brom and Mim don't try to fight the gelfeet - it's undefeatable, and if it consumes somebody, all rustable items are destroyed. Brom really is a pain if he loses his sword, and you also don't want Mim to heal your enemies, really.

Anyway, when you have the key, go back to where you left the room with the trogs. Go straight north and jump on the button with the key lock on it. Enter the room, ignore the mouse and open the chest - it contains a better armor! Now mount the mouse and leave that room again.

Turn right and follow the corridor. Ignore the dead end to the right and enter the button-guarded little room to the left a little further forward. Kill the two grub bugs and jump, using the floating platform, onto the little hill. Get the book and put it into your inventory - this missile spell might be useful for your future adventures. However, since you are too unexperienced right now to use it, leave that room again (to where you came from) and continue following the corridor. Enter that large room - what a ton of grub bugs! Locate the grub mom and start the boss fight!

BOSS: Grub mum

Difficulty: Easy

Tactic: Take care not to bump into the grub mum - it hurts! Just continuesly hit her eye with your spear, and she should soon be defeated.


1 - Try to damage the grub mum in the beginning already! It will make the boss fight later even easier, and if you're really good you can even already kill her (managed to do that myself one time)!

2 - If you have trouble killing the trogs, go back to where the grub mum disappeared, hit the button and go out there. The downside is that you will not get any spears this way.

3 - The grub bugs will respawn every few seconds after you kill them. You can try to farm XP this way... However, after killing the mum they will stop doing so.

4 - Do not put the torch into your inventory, or it will go out!! If your torch is out, try to light it again by hitting the fire place in the trog room with it.

-- Made by Clonkinator --

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